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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Simple Church Minute 94--organic church

94—organic church

My name is Tom; this is Simple Church Minute
            What is meant by “organic church”?  When we speak of organic gardening, we mean growing food without man-made chemicals or genetic tampering.  Natural healing deals with the use of natural products, as opposed to man-made substances.  Organic church speaks of being church as shown in scripture, as opposed to adding man-made methods, organizations, and programs.  We see in Acts that some came to believe on Jesus while He walked the earth, and when the Holy Spirit came upon them, many others came to faith in Him.  They became groups of people small enough to know each other, and they met regularly to worship Him and build up each other.  By the way they lived their lives to honor Jesus and care for those around them, others came to faith in Jesus. The churches grew and reproduced into more churches.  Miracles naturally happened. Some believers felt compelled to take the message to other cultures.  Status quo organizations such as the government and Judaism opposed the church, but the church grew in spite of it.  Due to the opposition, even though the surrounding people respected the believers, only those who came to believe on Jesus joined the church.  Jesus, not any human, was necessary to lead the church in worship.  Worship was spontaneous.  With no organization, there was no need to collect money except when there was an evident need.  The church grew naturally.  There also was no need for professionals, unlike anything the world had seen.  When the opposition to the church drove the believers out of cities, they wound up scattering and spreading the belief in Jesus in all directions, like seeds in the wind.  The church being transient was not a problem, but an opportunity. 
            If some of this description sounds like how high school or collage age groups operate, that’s only a problem to those of us believers who are older and may be wishing to justify security or position.
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