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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Simple Church Minute 93--requirements for leadership

93—Requirements for leadership
My name is Tom; this is Simple Church Minute.
            I have mentioned in other blips that for a pastor/shepherd/teacher or any other ministry truly appointed by God, as opposed to any man or organization, that it is a function of gifting—both spiritual and natural, experience, maturity, faithfulness and obedience to the Holy Spirit, according to scripture.  Scripture says nothing about academic achievement or accreditation by any man or human organization.
            Natural gifting is our natural abilities—we believers have no more or less ability to use these as the unbeliever, with the note that occasionally the Holy Spirit will guide a person to specifically not use a natural gift for a reason.  Spiritual gifts are listed in Romans, Ephesians, and First Corinthians without a comment of whether this is a total list, and with the case of a number of gifts, little or no explanation of exactly what it is.  There is no explanation on any of the gifts as to why, other than no one has all of them.  One person I’ve heard has suggested that one of these gifts that seems worthless to the human mind is useful for exactly that reason—if the Creator of the universe wishes to give you something that you don’t see a use for, who are you or I to question his choice to give such a thing to you.  Experience and maturity makes all God’s gifts more powerful, as those are two aspects of wisdom.  Faithfulness is a quality that results in one receiving greater amounts of experience based on doing the right thing.  While God can use even our rebellious acts to His glory, it is a thing far better to be minimized.  Obedience to the Holy Spirit is putting that faithfulness into action.  Given the things we have seen of gifted persons publicly embarrassing themselves and, in turn, dishonoring Jesus and embarrassing fellow believers by their actions, it must be pointed out that obedience trumps gifting.  The Holy Spirit has given gifts of leadership to a sufficient amount of people that there is no need for any one believer to believe that he or she needs to be the mentor to more persons than he or she can physically and psychologically handle.  Jesus poured his life into 12, and possibly to a lesser degree, 70. 
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