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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Simple Church Minute 92--public wrongdoing

92—public wrongdoing
My name is Tom; this is Simple Church Minute.
            I’m not telling you what I am about to say is correct, although I certainly believe that it is.   I am asking you to listen to what I am about to say, and search the scriptures for yourself for whether what I say is more in alignment with the Word than the practice of the vast majority of traditional Bible-believing churches today.
            If David was a singer today, at a certain point in his life, most of it actually, his personal life would have gotten him dropped from the artist roster of any Christian label and some secular ones, and I wouldn’t argue for a moment that those companies would be in the wrong.  If one sins, God is willing to forgive.  Over time, a person who has done even a great wrong can reestablish a good character among a small group of people who truly know him or her.    In our instant reporting 24-7 news cycle culture, a public wrong probably can never be overcome among those who only know one as a media silhouette, except via something miraculous.  When I say a small group of people, I don’t mean 2000 or even 200.  Neither you nor anyone else has the time to really know a great amount of people really well. 
            A huge amount of the power of the witness of the early church was among the people nearby a person.  Those people saw the change for the better in a person who went from being just one more neighbor to a believer in Jesus who desired to care for others as Jesus did.  The word Christian originally meant “little Christs”.  While each believer knows that term is a far greater honor than any of us deserve and can live up to, by the Holy Spirit, we can fill those shoes, sometimes unknowingly, never outwardly intentionally, for a few people as we walk through life.  The thing we struggle to grasp is that, that’s what laying up treasure in heaven is.  Almost all of us will never have enough stuff that CNBC cares who you are, but that’s not what is important to Jesus.
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