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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A soft sell introduction to the idea of organic church from afar

Before about three years ago, I was not aware of the existance of simple, organic church. I found it because I was looking for it, as traditional church didn't fit into my business schedule, and, more importantly, it wasn't adding to my life, and I didn't feel that I was adding to others', just showing up to a service, unable to be involved in anything, as where I was was geared to Monday through Friday working persons, and, at that time, I was a "work all day Saturday and Sunday" person. I know some people that may not be aware of this flavor of the Body of Jesus' existance, and today, I stumbled upon an idea that is in the form of a "What do you think?" approach that, I hope, doesn't imply an expected answer. I sent a few brothers who now live far away this message, thanks to the technological everywhereness of Facebook:

On 3/5/2012, on Felicity Dale's blog,, she mentions 7 changes she is seeing in the believers of this culture. From where I am, I cannot tell, as I am in the same branch of the tree of forms of honoring Jesus as from where she is. When I look at Christian media, even more than secular media, I don't see any signs of these things, as a general rule. What's your perspective?

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