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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My view from here, and an odd story

            While I have attempted to blog at least once per week, and usually have done more, it has been two weeks since the last post.  The main reason for that is the illness that I have been struggling with for about the past six weeks.

            Over at, 2.29.12 was Shameless Promotion Day.  Why didn’t I mention this blog on it?  I had every intent to do so, and was thinking that I was looking at my email each day, but clearly did not notice that the 29th was the day until about 10pm (EST) on the 1st. About then, I realized to what degree that my mind was operating foggily.

            Those of us who read Frank’s blog know that he has been generous on giving advice to bloggers.  Of course, Frank has written many books and appears to do a significant amount of speaking.  His directions, I would imagine, would be near impossible to follow by a person doing an everyday, normal job (and a job in some type of field as being a professor, missionary, or other Christian service job doesn’t, in this instance, fit as being everyday).  As I am to a degree disabled, it is somewhat easier for me, but not all that much.  Feeling ill certainly lowers that ability.  Anyway, in his blog, , on February 26, 2012, he gave a piece of advice of not posting more than one post per day, as it makes finding it more difficult.  That was something I need to take to heart, as, when I started, I posted 100 2-minute radio scripts I had written over the previous two years, and posted them all within one month, with the idea of referring back to the date at the end of the program.  Also, when I posted them, I did not, at the end, leave footnotes as to where I got the information from.  Therefore, it is reasonable to post them again, where each can have a unique date affixed to the writing.

            As for getting them on radio, to my knowledge, I am further from that than I was back in December, 2010, because of what I know of myself.

            A funny thing happened to me about a week ago.  I have been attempting to contribute to the finances of my house by buying self storage units, and selling the contents.  For anyone who has never been involved in this, but has seen one or more of the reality programs based on this activity, it isn’t anything like the programs, but still, some odd things happen.  Part of the oddities come from all the extra bidders that have been produced by viewers of the programs.  Anyway, it was a Friday morning, and on that day, a certain chain had an auction planned at a location to the north of a military base, another, a couple of hours later, at their location to the opposite end of the base, and, a third at a location to the west of the base.  I went to the first one, and there was a tremendous amount of persons.  This may be good for the company, but not for me.  Also, I saw in the paper that there was one at the same time as the second auction on the opposite side of town, but they only had two units available.  I had been to that company before, and knew that it didn’t draw many bidders that last time, so I decided to go over there.  Noon came, and no other bidders showed up!  As the law in my state (according to the owners—I haven’t bothered to double check) was that they needed a minimum of three bidders, they went out into the lot and got a couple of service men who warehoused there to come in and sign in.  Since I was there to bid, and they weren’t planning on it, I got both units, in my opinion, quite reasonably.  Opposingly, one unit was of a major company which had gone out of business, and the contents was all their IT equipment, like 15 year old computer and server equipment.  I find that, as time goes on, I am selling more and more items which, if I had to describe what they do, I could not.  I guess that, so long as I can put a price on an item, and someone will pay it, on enough items, and income is greater than outgo, I’m ok in that regard.  It’s just an oddity of life.     

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