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Friday, March 30, 2012

I Made a Mistake

I found out today that I made a mistake.  I could argue on both sides whether it was sin, in that, on one side, it was just a misjudgment on my part.  On the opposite side, it was a waste of about a month and a half of the short, precious time that God has given me upon this planet for this life.  Anyway, I scraped up money to see the doctor today, and found that I was missing a medication that I needed.  I got a prescription, took the medicine, and within a few hours was out of the mental fog and constant pain that I had been in for the past month and a half.

            There have been so many things that I have wished to do here, but didn’t have the mental and physical strength to do over the past weeks.  First, is the writing out of what is now 13 Meanings of the Word Church as a speech.  Gee, back in 2010, this started as 8 Meanings.  While in my mental fog, I somehow ran into #12, and in the past few minutes, while writing out my outline, based on Simple Church Minute 2002, I discovered that one of my points had two parts to it.  I’m excited have my brain feeling like it’s on this planet once again.

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