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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Overtly commercial thoughts

I haven't written about what I am doing for a considerable period of time, mainly because I attempt to keep this blog on the topic of what has been referred to as simple, organic church. Another reason is because, for the past few years, I have considered myself to be unemployed due to disability. To be more specific, at one time, I put a lot of time into flea marketing, which spread out into selling via craigslist and eBay. A couple of years ago when I couldn't handle it, my son took over the eBay portion of it, and I did the stuff that had to be done during normal business hours when he was at work.
He had to make a decision last fall as to whether to stay in the Navy, and chose to leave as of this fall. His decision, along with it, was to begin an auctioneering business. To that effect, I went to auctioneering school a couple of months ago. He took two weeks of leave to go to auctioneering school the past two weeks.
Therefore, I wish to state that we have begun the business, which is named Prestige Auctions, LLC. We are beginning with an online auction of collectable coins, which is running via We have 300 lots of mainly U.S. Coins, which will close as of May 1st. If that is something that interests you as a hobby or use collectable coins as a matter of investment/wealth preservation, I invite you to visit it. To that effect, we have a website for the business, , and are on Facebook as Prestige Auctions, LLC, Norfolk, VA. .
I guess that, slowly, but surely, I have built up a job. Disconnected from the auctioneering business, which is a corporation, we have another business, called Savvy Thrifty, which sells all kinds of items. Its items appear on eBay under the store name “navygamer”. Certain items which do not ship easily or cost effectively are posted on craigslist in Hampton Roads/Norfolk which can be looked up by the key word 7577353639 (my phone number). If you live in the Hampton Roads area, these items are available by contacting me by phone or text. I just recently got texting turned on on my phone. At first, I found it irritating, having to type what I wanted to say. I also found that almost everyone contacting me on these items texted, instead of phoned. It actually turned out to be helpful. Some of the items I have had for weeks or months, so I haven't thought about them for a few days. With a text, I could take my time, refresh my memory, and give a more thought out answer to any question the person had. That may sound strange to you if you have been using texting for years, or it may sound strange if you use texting for personal communication, but while beforehand I really couldn't see a business use for it, now I can see it clearly.

Because of whatever, I haven't felt like reading for about the past 15 or so months. I got a book at a yard sale yesterday, and, in one sense, can hardly wait to finish reading it so I can write a review about it. It isn't a book that I have heard mentioned in simple, organic church writings, but it definitely ties into the theme of getting around socially-imposed garbage that has been forced on the true church, and getting to the original meaning of scripture, particularly dealing with subjects that I had not previously heard about. More on that later, when finished.

Humorous note: Last week, I had to drive to Columbia, SC from Virginia Beach, about a 400 mile trip each way. In a city I passed, I think it was Lumberton, NC, there was a large factory, about two blocks long, which was closed down. Instead of a real estate sign on the building, there was a banner over where one might walk into the corporate offices which said, “YOUR NAME COULD BE HERE”.

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