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Thursday, April 3, 2014

My life and an upcoming coin auction

Mistakes are the greatest renewable resource on earth.
--Danny Meyer, Union Square Hospitality Group

In writings about simple church, one subject that comes up, in part because, unlike theological points, there is no universal answer, and because many of the writers were institutional church pastors, or went through education pointed towards the standard system “occupations”, is how to earn a living. I have not written much about that because my life story includes a feature which halted my path in that direction before I started. Nonetheless, during my senior year of college, my thinking was to get a degree, and then go to seminary. At that time, I was working at a department store, so I stayed there immediately after graduating. Various things happened such that my work career can be summed up as working in retail. About six years ago, some physical problems knocked me out of the work force. That has been a source of some frustration, but gave me time to do the writings that made up the beginning of this blog.

Anyway, one blessing, I perceive, in my life is being able to live in my son's house. He is in the Navy. Last fall, he had to choose whether to reinlist or not, and he chose not to. He decided to start an auction business when he got out, and started planning accordingly. To that effect, about two months ago, I went to auction school, and have since finished, took the state test, and received my auctioneering license, so that I can help him. I write this in that our first auction will be online, consisting of collectable coins. As such, if collectable currency is something you are intrested in either as a hobby or as part of your personal financial strategy, this will be available to you, wherever you are. I will leave more information very soon.

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