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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Celebrating my birthday

Today is birthday 58 for me today.  Actually, I am writing this last Saturday evening, as I will be busy working today.  I cannot help but realize that I would not be writing what I am now writing without all the previous things in my life happening.  I think back to the weekend before I graduated from college, when I visited North Park Seminary in Chicago.  A brother and former roommate was going there, and set me up to talk to a couple of his fellow students and the college president.  I can still say that of introductory meetings (including initial job interviews), this was the best one I ever experienced.  On the way driving across Chicago, heading home, the Spirit spoke into my mind, "No."  I knew I wasn't supposed to go there.  I graduated and stayed with the company I had been working with for a couple of years.  Over the years, it seemed like I was going nowhere, that I had wasted my ability.  I certainly have felt that way many times over the years.  I can look at statistics that say that economically I have done poorer than the average person with only a high school education.  Still, I can look back and say that I have worked as unto the Lord not man.  That also meant overtly choosing not to desire a promotion when that demanded unethical behavior, which seems to have grown more and more common over the last few decades.  Maybe that made it easier for me to accept the idea that helping the poor is important for the church, and putting on a professional stage show is not (although it sure can be fun).
As I write this, I know that few persons read this blog at this time.  Most of the point is to have the transcripts of the commentaries publicly available when I finally get them to radio.  This is because that too often I have heard well known Christian speakers, hopefully accidentally, slip logical fallacies and twisted facts into their speeches.  If no one cannot ask questions, it is easy to say fact a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i ,j...z, and have no one, or almost no one notice that point r is fallacious and invalidates the whole argument.  That's why every member ministry is vital to all believers.
I bought myself "Is God a Moral Monster?" by Copan, "The Pastor Has No Clothes" by Zens and Cole, and "Science, Creation and the Bible" by Carlson and Longman.  Given when I bought them, maybe I will have them by today.

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