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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1063--on how we learn

            Back in December, 2010, I wrote a series of slightly over one hundred two minute commentaries with radio in mind.  Below, I have shortened #63 to fit a one minute time frame.  As I state as part of the longer commentary, the statistics quoted in this commentary come from the National Teaching Laboratories, Bethel, Maine.

1063—on how we learn

            This is Simple Church Minute.  We retain 5% of what we hear in a lecture, 10% of what we read, 50% of what we discuss, and 90% of what we teach others.  Why, then, in traditional churches, is the emphasis on teaching by lecture without discussion, testing, or any way of guiding others to teach it in turn?  First Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 11 tells the believers to build up each other.  The reason is the early church followed the Jewish tradition of having dialogue, but when the Roman Empire legalized Christianity, having oratory, buildings, paid staff and collecting money to pay for the previous three was forced onto a church that was turning into an organization like the religions they were familiar with.  While believers got rid of the erroneous theology that came with it during the Reformation, these practices have continued in the West.  It is notable that in the Middle East and Asia, where in many countries being a believer is illegal, these practices couldn’t take place, but people are coming to faith in Jesus as in the days of the New Testament. For more info on simple worship, visit

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