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Friday, July 22, 2011

2003--I Don't Want to Die

            As I have wrote a few days ago, there are some excellent writings of others that would fit my idea of a series of radio commentaries.  I have said that some come from persons who have had experiences that I have not.  The following is one of those--Ross Rohde says some excellent things that I haven't had the experience to know, but I believe that the Spirit has at least given me the experience to recommend this writing to others.

            My name is Tom; this is Simple Church Minute.  Today, I’m reading from Ross Rohde’s blog, dated May 30, 2011, titled “I Don’t Want to Die”.

(I would use all of this blog except the last sentence of the first paragraph, and the first phrase of the second paragraph, the contents of which make sense in a blog, but not appropriate to a reading.)

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