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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Simple Church Minute: An Introduction

           About a year ago, I was in a job in which there was almost nothing to do except press a button when a person authorized to enter the building came to the door.  At the time, I had just finished reading Barna & Viola's Pagan Christianity and Wolfgang Simson's Houses That Change the World.  Now, I tend to be the type of person to read certain types of works on theology, but I realize that most of my fellow believers in Jesus are not.  The persons who are tend to be leaders, but these works overtly challange their paychecks.  I'm in no way accusing the average pastor of doing it for the money, but if one has already committed one's life in a direction, and someone threatens one's family's livelihood, one tends to react in a protective mode, particularly if it comes through a human voice, as opposed to directly into one's spirit by the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit does things that way, but also oftentimes does not.  Be that as it may, my idea was to boil the major points of those works into a group of 2 minute presentations appropriate for radio broadcast.  I wrote the 2 minute scripts and recorded them, but I didn't have the money, modest as it was, to broadcast the programs.  One thing this excercise did was give me plenty of time to think through the points these books present on the correct orthopraxy of housechurch/simplechurch.  As such, I am posting the scripts to these programs on my blog, with certain portions appropriate to my geographical area deleted.
          Just for reference, a very few of these scripts are based on something other than the two books above.  One comes from an idea of Milt Rodriguez of, one from a man names Glen Davis, who, last I knew, was a campus pastor at Stanford U., and a couple were based on experiences in my life.  All these will have "Simple Church Minute" in the title.

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