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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

on a statement by Miles O'Brien

Facts are inversely proportional to the demand for them.
--Miles O'Brien

Over the weekend, I heard this statement. For those unaware, Miles O'Brien used to be a news anchor at CNN (husband of Soledad O'Brien), and was on CNN because he is an expert on some aspect of avaition, from which the Malaysian Airlines mystery has brought seemingly every person with such a background onto the tv for commentary. It is in that context that O'Brien made that statement.
To my mind, it immediately connected to my thoughts on the problem of communication of the message of Jesus to the culture I live in here in North America. Since I have been out of college, which goes back to the mid-1970's, I rarely run into any non-believer with interest in the things of God, in part because of the overwhelming amount of free “information”--some good, but much that is, unfortunately, empty excitement and hype. Excitement and hype can be fun, as any professionally done entertainment, but it is nothing more than that. Further, sometimes it is labelled as the moving of the Holy Spirit, and I do not know how in words to define how to seperate the two, but if one is there (as opposed to watching or listening to something recorded) one might be able to seperate them in one's spirit, although I am quite certain I have missed on that over time, also.
How does one create demand for what one wishes to communicate? I don't know.  At a gut level, I am averse to the common idea, both in secular and church backgrounds, of just throwing money at it.

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