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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day 2013

            New Year’s Day, 2013.  I have blogged very little for the last couple of months because I feel too tired to think.  My son is in the Navy, so I am applying to be officially his dependent, which has been practically the case for quite a while, so I can be on his health insurance.  I don’t feel like reading.  A copy of “Master Leaders” by Barna is sitting by my feet, and I am most of the way done with it.  When one can barely get oneself going to do a few basic things in a day, the wisdom of leaders responsible for a lot doesn’t seem very relevant.  

            One of the few things I have done lately has been watch television.  I’m a sports fan, but I’m sick of watching sports, as I really don’t care about most of what I see.  As for news, we went over the “fiscal cliff” last night.  This is a great example of extreme speech.  When you go off a real cliff, you’ll be dead in a few seconds.  With this, we walked onto a rocky slope.  On a real rocky slope, one can still fall down and hurt oneself, even very badly.  I wish I could deliver a group insult for their work.  My thinking is that, if one works at McDonald’s, one messes up once in the first few days, one gets a stern warning, mess up a second time, you’re fired.  Most of our politicians in Washington are there as they get paid far better than McD’s people, for work that would get them fired.  I think of a line from a Larry Norman song, “Don’t ask me for the answers/I’ve only got one./A man leaves his darkness/When he follows the Son.”

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