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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Assorted quotes

            Today, in my RSS feeds, I received a blog from titled I AM TURNING INTO A SCROOGE AND I LOVE IT!! SOOOOO LIBERATING.  Anewcreation33 is a female, I think from England, and tends to be somewhat harsher with regard to the traditional church than I am.  Sometimes I am ambivalent, but her writing today I feel is a creative look at the side of the coin less looked at.  I had to write down a quote she has from Dr. Walter Martin: “Controversy for the sake of controversy is a sin; controversy for the sake of truth is a Divine command.”

While I am mentioning quotations, I’ll mention a few I’ve scribbled on papers since the last time I did a column of quotes.  From Steve Case, former AOL Time Warner CEO:  In the end, a vision without the ability to execute is probably a hallucination.”

That is an example of the difference between business, and possibly the whole secular realm and the realm of faith.  In business, I can see how he saw that as true.  In the realm of desiring to serve Jesus, a vision may not come into fruition until one passes, as has been the heritage of our forefathers of faith who have been persecuted and martyred over the centuries.

            From Jack Welch of GE: “When everybody gets the same facts, they’ll generally come to the same conclusion.”  Maybe that’s true in the corporate boardroom (and maybe this was said to intimidate the minority opinion), but I don’t see it from the battle lines of the spiritual war.  Still, the believer in Jesus must stand for truth, which is steady even though the gross sales figures can go up or down.

            From Joan Magretta of Harvard Business School, from her book, What Management Is, p. 126:  “Even the best stopwatch won’t tell you what time it is, let alone how you should be spending your time.” 

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