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Thursday, September 8, 2011

1067--What if someone asks...(in one minute)

The last commentary was an expansion of commentary #67 from two to five minutes.  This one is a reduction to one minute.

1067—What if someone asks you a question you don’t know the answer to?

            This is Simple Church Minute.  What if someone asked you a question about your faith in Jesus that you don’t know the answer to?  First, know that a person ever coming to faith in Jesus depends more on you allowing the Holy Spirit to show through you than can any intellectual answer.  Still, one wishes to answer correctly, even if that answer is opposite of what you know that person may like.

            An excellent answer is, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out,” with the notation that you have promised, as a matter of honoring Jesus, will find out.  If that person won’t wait, the person really doesn’t care about the answer.  Also, you need to be connected to mature believers willing to deal with real life, not mere clever answers.  You can find out more about simple church at You can reach me at (phone) or (email).

            As I said previously, I got this idea from a talk given by Glen Davis, currently a campus pastor at Stanford University, ( in 1998.   By the way, I should clarify what I mean by a clever answer.  Now, as much as in other places I have indicated that I believe that, in the New Covenant, we are directed in scripture to generousity, instead of giving a tithe, there is a reasonable question in U.S. society, where we get paid with withholding taxes pre-removed, whether tithe is to be paid on the gross or the net.  I have heard speakers from the old time Pentecostal traditions answer, “Do you want a gross blessing or a net blessing?”  That may come across as humorous, but totally avoids a cultural problem of, if tithing was for this day, how one would figure it.

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