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Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Incompetence vs. Duplicitousness

            This morning (Sunday), I was listening to a news discussion program, analyzing the death of bin Laden, on whether the Pakistani government was duplicitous or incompetent.  From past recent history, a couple of decades down line, that question may be answered.
            From that, just for fun, let me do the opposite of what I seriously speak against in many of these blogs, and take that question totally out of context.  If I had the choice upon myself, would I rather be found duplicitous or incompetent?  Now a government body or a corporation, by necessity, will choose duplicitous.  There must be things a government or corporation hides from the public for the greater good.  From a biblical standpoint, with regard to personal morality, duplicitous is a moral negative, whereas to be incompetent, although it is something one would wish to avoid, can be done with a clear conscience.  Furthermore, for as much as each of us has abilities and passions in certain directions, with regard to most things outside of those abilities and passions, we are incompetent. 
            Since this just occurred to me, I see within this idea one more possible explanation as to why corporate organization within groups of believers has a great tendency to force said organization to be unable to move as the Holy Spirit leads.  When we make a man-made organization, it can easily bog us down with all the things that maintaining an organization entails.  I am at this point still of the belief that there are times when the benefit outweighs the negative, but it is also becoming more clear to me that it is not an unbridled good.

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