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Monday, March 14, 2011

A flyer

One of the things I have been thinking about is how to find persons living around me who are either a) unbelievers who have honest questions about following Jesus, or b) believers who sense a dissatisfaction with the state they are living in.  I live in the suburbs where almost everyone ducks out of their house to work, shop, go to school, but no one associates with each other in the neighborhood until circumstances force them to.  To this idea, below is a rough draft of a flyer.  Actually, I'm looking to cook up one that is about one 8.5x11 page long, whereas this is 3 to a page.  I post this for anyone who might find the idea within this to be useful.
Normal persons doing normal things and living to honor Jesus is the most socially subversive thing this world has ever seen.  In our society, faith in Jesus has been made status quo, both by social groups wishing to negate or neutralize His power and by believers in Him who have various reasons for worshipping Him in a status quo fashion, not the least of which is some believers, intentionally or not, making money, fame, or status off of others.  Jesus did not teach his disciples to teach others to build buildings, form corporations, or create professional holy man jobs.
I would like to invite you to a participatory Bible study on the theme of “God’s Eternal Purpose.”  Why Jesus did what He did had a purpose bigger than either guiding persons to do good things or to evangelize the world; there was a time in pre-history when both those things were unnecessary, and there will in the future be one also.  I said participatory in that no one person just talks and talks; everyone can contribute or ask questions.  The Bible shows that Jesus allowed persons to ask questions, even tricky, pointed questions meant to embarrass or negate Him. 
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